Zac Efron Is Reportedly Dating An Olympic Swimmer And She Is Gorgeous

There are many people who would love to date Zac Efron but it seems as if only one person is going to fill that role. In the past, he has dated some costars, such as Vanessa Hudgins from High School Musical or Alexandra Daddario from Baywatch. It now appears as if he has turned his sights elsewhere, to Sarah Bro.

There is nothing written in stone as of yet but many of his fans are making a case that would even convince his mother. Bro swam in the 2017 Olympics for Denmark and she has been seen out and about with Efron on a number of occasions.

Nothing is public yet, at least as far as social media is concerned. It is really just a matter of seeing them together and a few random coincidences that make it look as if they might just be connected.

Bro and Efron both posted pictures on Instagram on March 1. It seems as if they were both at a Los Angeles Kings hockey game and Bro had on a custom jersey.

“Thank you @lakings for making my first hockey game something very special,” was the caption she used as she posed for a locker room photo wearing the custom jersey. She also admitted to being: “already a fan!” after the first game was over.

Efron also posted a selfie to Instagram on the same day, from the same game.

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@lakings in overtime #freehockey

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Of course, it is all just speculation at this point and it might just be a coincidence but, considering the other coincidences floating around out there, some people think that they were at the game together. On March 2, Efron sat next to the 23-year-old Olympic swimmer at a UFC 235 fight in Las Vegas. Cameras pointed at Efron at one point during the game and he saluted.

According to one eyewitness, they arrived at the same time and “looked like they were having a great time”.

They were seen “smiling and laughing in their seats” before the fight and they left the event together. The same source said that they were not ‘overly publicly affectionate’ and were not attracting any attention to themselves.

Bro posted another picture of a bouquet of flowers on Instagram but didn’t say where she got the arrangement. Some fans are saying that they came from Efron, although that is also speculation. They both currently live in LA, so that makes things interesting.

We will just have to wait and see if they are an item or not. One thing is certain, they have been spending time with each other and people are noticing.

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