You Can Now Hire A Scary Clown To Deliver Donuts To Your Friends Or Enemies

Clowns have long been a part of the public consciousness and not in a positive way. There is something inherently frightening about a clown and many horror writers have played on this fear to torment their audiences over the years. A recent poll shows that Americans are actually more afraid of clowns than they are death. Clowns even outweigh terrorism!

The chances are high that you know someone who is stricken with a fear of clowns. They do not bother us necessarily but we can understand where others are coming from. There is something spooky about this sort of whimsical character. It is easy to picture a clown turning evil because it is a concept we are always subjected to in the media.

Hurts Donut (get it?) has come up with a perfect plan for those who are looking to strike some fear into their friends or enemies. They do provide some awesome doughnut flavors but there are some caveats that need to be mentioned. If you are going to receive doughnuts from this company, you need to be prepared for the delivery clown who is responsible for bringing them to you….if you participate in their new promotion.

If you contact Hurts Donut soon, you are going to have the option of making sure that your recipient is paid a special visit. They will receive a dozen delicious crullers but they will be handed off by one of the creepiest looking clowns that you have ever laid eyes on. That seems like a fair trade to us but we also happen to have quite the sweet tooth. These treats are going to be available come October 1st.

This makes for the perfect Halloween present. There are dozens of doughnut varieties to choose from and this makes life easier for all of the would be pranksters out there. After all, this type of joke is sure to go more smoothly when you are providing the victim with the chance to enjoy a dozen delicious doughnuts. Every Hurts Donut location is going to participate in the promotion.

If you would like to find out more about this awesome delivery service, be sure to check out the video below. Where do you stand on this important matter? Do you think that clowns should be roaming the streets? Please share this story so that you can learn more about where your friends and loved ones stand on this topic.

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