Woman Who Drinks Her Own Urine Says “It Makes Your Skin Glow”

We’ve all been told, “You are what you eat,” so most of us try to keep up somewhat healthy diets. And to most people, a healthy diet wouldn’t include drinking one’s own urine, but apparently for one woman that is her go-to for staying healthy. 30-year-old Ruby Karyo says that drinking her own urine, as well as rubbing it into the skin on her face, improves not only her skin but her general health. There is a video that shows her practicing her twice-daily routine of consuming her pee. She has religiously done this since she was 19.

The caption of the video states, “The controversial practice, known as ‘urine therapy’ has made Ruby the source of much derision, but she’s determined to spread the word. The writer/sales representative of Glen Burnie, Maryland, has even persuaded her boyfriend to try drinking his pee to quell his hair loss.”

In the video, which lasts a minute-and-a-half, Ruby starts her day by drinking a full glass of yellow pee. She looks at the camera and says, “I am going to drink my morning pee because everybody needs it twice or more in a week. It detoxifies your skin, and it clears your system.” After that, she proceeds to chug it.

Next, there is a close-up of Ruby inspecting her face in the mirror. This is her nightly routine since it’s the end of the day and she’s preparing for bed. The pee is never far behind. Again, she turns to the camera and says, “As you can see, this is a breakout, and this is a pimple. So when I don’t get enough sleep, I break out a lot. So tonight, I’m going to apply my urine on my face, and I’m going to show you the results in the morning. I’m going to apply it right here, and it burns.”

She then rubs the pee into her face using a small sponge, claiming that by morning time her zit should be gone or at least minimized. Then, we see her fresh out of bed, again checking her face in the mirror. Ruby then tells the camera, “Urine therapy works! I’m living proof of it. It’s all gone. The pimple reduced a little bit.”

Personally, I’d rather take my chances of putting some Windex on it, like in the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

But before you attempt to follow in Ruby’s shoes, there is plenty of medical advice from doctors warning against ingesting your own pee. According to doctors, your pee is your body’s way of getting rid of waste. And while there’s probably no harm in ingesting small amounts, there still is a risk.

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As some of you follow me on YouTube. I have been practicing urine therapy at the age of 19. My father practiced it and introduced it to my mom and passed it on to me . He said, to be a beauty queen, use the natural source of life, the water of life. Ever since I started urine therapy I have never visited the hospital in decades. It treats acne and heals all sorts of diseases. People really think I'm insane drinking my urine. But then I think they are crazy when they eat the worse foods in the world , like McDonald's, Dunkin doughnuts, coke diet, candies , hot dogs , beef, fake orange juices etc with preservations. Urine contains all the mineral acids needed for the body. If you can go down on any woman without knowing what they carry or how clean they are, you can drink your own damn urine if you do eat right. One more thing, you can't smoke or drink.. and you can't eat meat.. got to be plant based .. Bear Grylls, Sarah Miles, Moises Alou are clear examples of urine therapy. It's safe, why not? More videos on YouTube . . . . . #urinetherapy #urine #urineanalysis #treat #treatyourself #idrink #facts #truth #followers #likesforlikesback #dailymail #dailymailuk #news #radio #talkshow

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Urine is 95% water, however, the other 5% is a gamble. There can be an excess of nitrogen or potassium, both of which can cause health problems. Also, if you have renal tract problems, then your urine can also be contaminated with certain bacterias. This means that this routine could potentially make you feel sick. Not only that but consuming your own urine means that next time you go to the bathroom, your pee will come out even more concentrated. This concentration can lead to complications within your gut health, as well as put strain on your kidneys since they’re the ones that flush toxins out of your system. There is also no proven evidence that urine therapy actually works or has benefits to your health and skin.

So next time you go to the bathroom don’t feel guilty about flushing your pee down the toilet – it’s where it belongs.

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