Woman trolls ex-boyfriend on Instagram after he asks for his shirt back

Meet Alyssa, the latest person to make waves on the internet:

She took a simple, albeit roughly phrased, request and turned it into the perfect trolling opportunity. Hopefully, she’s happy with all the attention she’ll be attracting after this. 

Alyssa took it upon herself to stop her ex in his tracks the minute he decided to slide into her DMs. She had posted a picture of herself wearing his shirt, so when he reached out to her to ask for it back, she trolled him… 

…but it turns out she had her reasons to be:

The pic that was posted, was that of a #throwback.

Naturally, Twitter has split down the middle regarding the incident and whether or not it happened, as well as how gullible the ex may be or not. 

We are here for all the drama.

Still, there are others who were enjoying the ex’s frustrations. 

Thank you, Alyssa, you’ve given us something to laugh about today. 

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