Woman Told To Cover Up On Flight Over ‘Revealing’ Top Fires Back At Airlines

We love our vacations but the actual traveling to our sunny destinations is usually quite a stressful ordeal. The airport, in particular, is where the height of the stress happens. By the time we’ve made it onto the plane, we’re exhausted and impatient to just get going so we can finally relax. And thankfully, for most of us, our flights are rather non-eventful.

Unfortunately for one young woman, she was given hassle on her flight when the flight attendant deemed her outfit as inappropriate. Emily O’Connor is a fairly frequent flyer. She had never had any unusual problems, however, she was genuinely surprised when she was told that her outfit was inappropriate and offensive. All she wore was long pants and a crop top. An exact replica of other outfits she’s worn on flights before. She was even surprised because she’d gotten through airport security without being told anything. The flight attendant insisted that Emily cover-up, and she did give in to the demands are ended up wearing a jacket, but only because she didn’t want to get kicked off the flight. She still stands by her outfit and doesn’t agree with the flight attendant’s opinion.

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