Woman Spent 69 Years Thinking Her Baby Died At Birth, Then The Phone Rings: ‘I’m Not Dead’

18-year-old Genevieve Purinton was in Indiana when she gave birth to a baby girl. The year was 1949 and she was a young, unwed mother.

The new mother was anxious to see the baby but the doctors told her that her child had died at birth.

After years had gone by and Genevieve underwent a hysterectomy due to a tumor, she remained childless.

Genevieve is now 88 years old and she lives in Florida in an assisted living facility. All of her eight siblings have preceded her in death and she feels lonely, thinking that her family is gone.

Something happened in 2017, however, when a woman named Connie received a DNA home kit for Christmas. She lived 1,500 miles away from Genevieve.

The DNA kit provided a truth that no one could have imagined. It revealed what actually had occurred when Genevieve gave birth to that baby girl 69 years ago.

H/T Fox News

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