Woman Says Looking Like Rihanna Makes It Impossible To Find Love

While being the spitting image of one of the world’s most well-known popstars might be an accomplishment, herlook-alike struggle got her only so far.

Twenty-three-year-old Yna Sertalf, says she looks so much like Rihanna, that even her own mother mistook the Barbadian singer for her daughter when she saw her on the front.

Yana, who lives in France but is originally from Martinique in the West Indies, says her uncle first pointed out her similarities with the pop star, who then couldn’t but be helped but be stopped in the street by fans who mistaken her for real RiRi.

She managed to see the funny side and be the ‘fatter Rihanna’, but looking like the popstar also has its drawbacks and can be hard finding love if you’re karaoke.

Yna, said, “I’ve been single for about a year, but I would never put myself in a relationship with someone who sees me as ‘Rihanna’ and not ‘Yna’.

“When I talk to someone and hear ‘Rihanna’ too many times [when we’re hanging out], I give up [on them] because I can’t determine if the person fantasizes about Rihanna or if they really want to know me. That’s why I’m single. {needs help}

“I have been mistaken for Rihanna quite a lot. This happens to me usually when I’m in tourist places. I remember a woman saw me and was being shy. She assumed I spoke English and spoke to me to ask if she could take a picture, and I agreed. It wasn’t the first time,” But then she asked me, “’are you really Rihanna?’ with a face full of joy.”

She said, “I felt like I was breaking her heart by telling her no, but I find it pretty funny to be in these situations. My friends and family find it funny too. Once my mom received a magazine in her mailbox with Rihanna on the cover and she sent it to me, saying ‘I thought it was you’.”

She added to the conversation, “The funniest thing is when people talk about you thinking they’re being discrete. I always smile at them to show them that I heard. It’s embarrassing. But when little kids scream at their parents, ‘it’s Rihanna’, it’s lovely. Sometimes even if we tell them I’m not her, they think we’re lying.”

She quickly added,”I always tell the truth straight away. Because I am fatter than her and I speak French people notice that I’m not her quickly enough.” 

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