Woman Quits Her Job To Breastfeed Her Boyfriend Every Two Hours

Jennifer and Brad would seem to look like any other couple in the world. There is nothing noteworthy about their outward appearance and most would assume that they are just like anyone else. However, they have a very unique bond that has caused Jennifer to quit her job. The former bartender is now planning to stay at home and begin what is known as an adult breastfeeding relationship.

She has never fed a baby of her own. Since she enjoys the stimulation of her nipples during sex, Jennifer believes that she will have no problem adjusting to this style of relationship. She has been searching for a man who would be open to the idea and has finally found her perfect match with Brad. Jennifer tried to use online ads to find the right man initially.

Little did she know that one of her old boyfriends would be down to give the idea a try. Brad let her know that he was looking for a woman of specific dimensions bust wise and Jennifer took this as her opening. Once she told him what she was looking for, she could see the light bulb going off in his head. Brad was very curious and wanted to find out more.

From there, Brad embarked on his own research journey. It did not take long for the two to develop a bond that went well beyond friendship. The connection that they share is strengthened by the physical intimacy associated with breast feeding. While she does not have any milk with which to feed her boyfriend, they are able to induce milk production with dry feeding tactics.

Jennifer has taken a leave of absence from work in order to further the relationship. She consumes herbal drinks and pills that are designed to stimulate milk flow. Brad is also excited about the health benefits that her milk has to offer. He is a workout buff who prides himself on working hard to look good for the woman he cares about most.

They plan to become married one day. For now, they are in no rush at all. Jennifer and Brad have yet to tell the whole world about their relationship, but they have shared the news with a few close friends.

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