Woman Nearly Loses Her Arm After Getting The Flu Shot

One of the hot button issues that come up every time winter is approaching is if we should get a flu shot or not. Social media is often buzzing with a debate.

Some people say that pharmaceutical companies are just trying to squeeze more money out of the public and that there may be some long-term health consequences from the shot. This could include Guillain-Barre Syndrome, among other issues.

Others say that getting the shot is the best way to protect yourself against a virus that could have deadly consequences.

The truth about the flu is that it can have life-threatening consequences, especially for the young, the elderly and anyone who has a compromised immune system.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 80,000 Americans died from the flu last winter. That is more people than have died in a single year from the flu in decades.

Not everybody is going to agree on such a controversial subject. That is especially true when a horrible complication from the flu shot is reported.

Jacalyn Broze went in for a flu shot and it wasn’t the first time that she had one.

In an interview, this Minnesota woman said that she had the vaccine every year. When she got the vaccine in 2007, however, her life changed in a very negative way.

Broze realized that something ‘wasn’t right’ because of the pain she was experiencing. Having some arm soreness is not out of the question but she had extreme pain in her shoulders. She went to the chiropractor and he saw that her right shoulder and arm were sloping.

She then went on to visit a number of doctors before they finally had an idea of what was taking place.

A doctor told Broze that she had SIRVA, which stands for Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration. This medical term is used when there is a complication associated with the vaccine not being administered properly.

And her case, the shot was probably placed too deep or too high into the upper arm.

When an individual has SIRVA, it can lead to injury in the tendons, ligaments or a fluid-filled sac in the shoulder space known as a bursa. Some of the symptoms include prolonged pain, shoulder related injuries and a limited range of movement.

“The surgeon had me do another MRI, and everything had fallen off. A complete tear of the rotator cuff,” Broze said.

Any vaccine could lead to the possibility of SIRVA but there is good news; it is very rare. Even though she has the condition, Broze still encourages others to get the vaccine.

“I would not tell anyone not to get a shot, but just being careful how it’s given,” she said.

Surgery has taken place to repair the tear in her shoulder and she is working on regaining her mobility.

It is always best to talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about getting the flu shot.

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