Woman May Have Saved This Little Girl’s Life By Sharing This Photo Of Her Dad

When we see parents disciplining their children in public, it can be very difficult to control our emotions. This is especially true when we do not necessarily agree with their methods. Proper parenting is not something that we are all going to see eye to eye on. This is why most parents will simply swallow their feelings when they see public discipline taking place.

After all, the majority of parents are not going to want to receive parenting lessons from complete strangers. There are often instances where it is difficult to know if the parent has gone too far with their discipline. In certain cases, it becomes all too clear that the parent has gone too far with their punishment. This story definitely falls into the latter category.

A woman named Erika was shopping in a Texas Wal-Mart when she saw a parent trying to put their child back in line. While this is a normal sight for anyone who has ever spent time in a Wal-Mart, the man’s chosen method did not seem to be the wisest. Corporal punishment has been a topic of debate for decades now. There are many families who find it to be acceptable, but in our opinion this is barbaric.

Many states have outlawed the practice, but in many red states, the practice is still legal in schools. It can be tough for us to decide when corporal punishment has crossed the line and this is the same position that this woman found herself in. Erika saw the man dragging his little girl by her hair and when she took photos of the incident, they went viral almost immediately.

Erika was not content to simply took photos, though. She decided to intervene! When the man told her that the situation was none of her business, she did not back down. She told the man to unhand the child, who was whimpering in pain. According to the man, he was raised the same way and turned out “fine”. The police were called and they did not share this man’s point of view on the matter.

Unfortunately, there was little that they could do. There were no signs of repeated abuse. We hope that receiving a visit from the police was the wake up call that he needed. Sadly, there are far too many parents who would rather take the lazy way out. Instead of being violent with your children, try taking the time to explain their behavior to them. That’s a parent’s job! Be sure to share this clip with your closest friends and loved ones.

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