Woman Issues Warning After Finding A Sharp ‘Hook’ Inside Her Tampon

This Virginia woman recently made a horrifying discovery and she is now sharing her experience with others. No woman should ever be subjected to something like this. Harmony Grant bought some new tampons. She took them and unwrapped them. That should be the end of the story, right? There is no more for us to tell. Or at least that’s what she thought.

Little did she know, there was an awful surprise in store for her once she wanted to actually use the tampon. She discovered that there was a sharp, metallic hook inside! How could this have possibly eluded those who are responsible for packaging these tampons? We are beside ourselves. What if she hadn’t looked and had accidentally poked herself?

There are so many questions that need to be answered here. Fortunately for others, this woman was not about to let this incident take place without documenting it. She took a photo of the packaging and shared it with her social media followers. Edgewell Personal Care is responsible for the manufacturing of these tampons.

When Harmony reached out to the company to ask if they would be willing to rectify the situation, all they were willing to offer was a refund for the box of tampons that she had purchased. This was not sufficient. We understand where she is coming from. How can a company endanger their customers like this and think a simple refund covers it?

She wanted to know that more was being done to save other women from this type of predicament. Harmony has been scared away from the use of tampons for good. Who is going to compensate her for the continuing emotional trauma? If you would like to learn more about Edgewell and how they handle cases of this nature, be sure to take a moment to check out the clip below.

If you have ever found an object like this in an item that you have purchased, you can probably relate to the horror that Harmony felt. We hope that she is able to get past this incident. No one deserves this type of fright when they are simply looking for the best goods and services possible. These incidents need to be treated with the proper level of gravity. Please share this story to raise awareness about Harmony’s struggle. Our heart definitely goes out to her after this one.

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