Woman Humiliates Her Fiancé After Finding Out How Much Her ‘Tiny’ Ring Cost

One of the biggest decisions that a man will have to make in his life is how much he will spend on his engagement ring. Some people tend to go to the high-end, thinking it is necessary to spend up to three months salary but others tend to go lower. One woman, who probably feels it is necessary to go to the upper end, decided to shame her fiancé online after he got her a small diamond.

One woman expected sympathy for wearing a ring she didn’t love.

She went online to humiliate her fiancé.

“DP proposed and presented me with the ring he’d chosen – a diamond solitaire in white gold. I was so happy and excited to accept but was disappointed when I first saw the ring. The first word that entered my head was ‘small’.

There’s nothing to dislike about the type of ring per se, as a diamond solitaire would have been my choice, but it’s the whole thing – the color of the gold, the setting, the small stone and relatively chunky shoulders.

His salary is nearing a 6 figure sum, and he’s usually very generous. Having seen the receipt I know he paid $1674 for it – which is a lot less then what I would have imagined he would have spent on such a significant piece of jewelry.

He’ll be more disappointed in me for making a fuss over it when, in his eyes, it fits, and there’s nothing actually wrong with it rather than being disappointed that I’m not truly happy with it.

Someone at work apparently told him that ‘if she makes it all about the ring, then she’s not the girl for you’.

Ideally, I would have loved for us to have chosen the ring together and made a special day finding one we both liked. As it’s something I’ll be wearing every day and is such a special piece of jewelry I wanted to really love it, and I just don’t. Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do?

It ended up backfiring in a big way on the MumsNet forum and on Facebook.

Jessica Walters – my rings are from the wish app. Total of $25. I don’t care. Our love is more important than the cost of the ring.

China Wilkerson – if he make six figures perhaps he bought her a small ring to test her true colors and make sure he wasn’t going to marry a materialistic gold digger. Seems as though she didn’t pass that test.

Cintia Corsi – be happy to even get a ring – you deserve to die alone for being a materialistic and superficial fiancée.

Hayden-Marie Taute – are you kidding me?! That’s expensive! Not only that, but it’s the damn thought that counts on that one. Also it’s actually very pretty. I hope he dumped her. Didn’t bother reading. Too lazy.

Gena Terrel– she is probably related to the girl that wanted people to pay to attend her wedding.

Sue Larue – a ring does not make a good marriage. Hard work does. I’ve been married over 40 years and I don’t have a diamond ring. I never wanted one. I thought it was a waste of hard-earned money. Guess what? I’m just as happy!!!

Joanne Casey – man some women are so damn greedy, my first engagement and wedding set cost 125. My second was 250 he looked at the thousand dollar rings and I said hell no. Rather use the money for more important things.

Lee Diogeneia – the whole wedding industry is a fraud and major mindf**k. Save your money from all of it and put a down payment on a house or go on an amazing honeymoon. If you’re looking for gifts from family, have a housewarming.

Melissa Alicia – there’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice expensive bring. As for humiliating your husband over it, I don’t agree with that part.

Kiersten Bankston – does no one realize that diamonds are monopolized? They aren’t rare, it’s a marketing ploy from way back. Materialistic heifers… 🙂

Carolyn Ann Dasen-Hoxworth – she was probably more worried about her friend’s reaction than just the thought and meaning of his gesture. I bet you. My first ring came from the Army PX. I still love it. After 26 years, he bought me a more fancy set. He didn’t have to. I would have worn my original forever. 48 years later I’ve lost him and I cherish my original set and my second set, not because of style or cost. They say “I Love You” – plain and simple.

The post has since been deleted.

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