Woman Had Surgery To Look Like ‘Barbie’, And People Can’t Get Over What She Looked Like Before


To keep her waist so tiny, Valeria lives on strict diets. She went on a juice-only diet for four months to detox before switching to a water diet. Talk about dedication to her cause. Valeria lives on a liquid-only diet. In the past, she has also done a raw meat diet. She credits raw meat to helping her stay thin all year long. We’d credit raw meat to being thoroughly disgusting.


What everyone wants to know is how Valeria got her Barbie-like proportions.She maintains that she has only had one plastic surgery; her breast augmentation. Apparently, the rest of her body is natural. To achieve her ridiculously tiny waist, she works out at the gym every day. When some people have waist-trimming surgeries, they can elect to have the false rib removed. Controversy has surrounded her waist size. Experts just don’t see how it’s possible for her waist to be so slim without having some ribs removed. We quite agree. Whether they’re right or not remains to be seen. Valeria’s keeping mum about any waist alterations.


Valeria admits that she’s had plastic surgery done to help her look like Barbie. Her face however, is said to be her own. She uses heavy makeup to achieve a Barbie look. Valeria also wears blue colored iris-enhancing contact lenses on top of her natural green eyes. Normal men don’t have the patience to wait for a woman to “put on her face”. Imagine waiting for Valeria to put hers on! She uses thick makeup to look the way that Barbie does.


Her hobbies include meditation, spiritual practices and mountain hiking along with her husband. She believes that she’s from a different universe and that she can stop eating food and live off of solar energy. To each their own, we guess. She believes that people can leave the physical body to travel to their spiritual body. Transcending worlds allows people greater freedom and huge potential, in her opinion. She also goes out to make appearances as the Human Barbie, of course.


When she does eat, Valeria is a vegetarian. She eats only blended shakes of raw fruits and vegetables to keep her waist trim. Now, she plans on giving up food altogether to live on sunlight. That’s right…sunlight. Giving up food ties into her spiritual beliefs. As solar energy is natural, she plans on using that to sustain her. When the sun can’t sustain her, her “prana” or life force, will pick up the slack.


Ever since she was 5, Valeria has loved Barbie. She was fascinated by dolls throughout her life. As a child, she collected over 50 dolls. Even though she has deep personal beliefs about spirituality, Valeria believes that beauty is only superficial. Talk about taking “looking your best” to a whole new level. The Barbie doll has long been held as a standard of beauty and it looks like Valeria took it a little too seriously. Remaking herself into Barbie seemed like the only logical step for her.


Growing up, Valeria did many typical teenager things. She admits to being a drinker and smoker and was “fond of hard liquor”. In 2007, she graduated with a master’s degree from the Odessa State Academy of Constructions and Architecture in Ukraine. Valeria was quite the party girl at a young age. She admits to taking rows of shots like a pro. She did have a few struggles to get through. When she was in her early teens, she took a bottle of pills in a suicide attempt.


Just as Valeria is a surgically enhanced Barbie figure, Justin Jedica is a Ken wannabe. In February 2013, Valeria flew to New York to meet him for a feature on “Insider Edition&”. Barbie and Ken fans will be sad to find out that the two can’t stand each other. Justin Jedica has had over 100 plastic surgeries and has spent over $100,000. He’s had five nose jobs, a brow lift, pectoral implants, chin work, buttock work, and other surgeries. He called Valeria “fake looking” when they met. She countered by saying that he’s had over 100 surgeries to look the way he does while she’s only had 1. Looks like Barbie won that sparring match, Ken.


In 2007, Valeria took part in a beauty pageant, “Ukrainian Diamond Crown”. She won the title of Ms. Diamond Crown. The controversial beauty pageant only featured contestants that have had plastic surgery done. 2007 began the start of Valeria’s slow transformation into Barbie. Though she doesn’t yet look like a full blown Barbie, it still appears that Valeria has had some cosmetic work done at this point. Her features look too chiseled to be natural. Valeria went on to become a Miss Ukraine contestant.


Valeria works as a photo model and is married to Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Shkrabov. She says her parents are “cool” and has a brother Ivan and younger sister Olga. Here, you can see the resemblance between mom and daughter. In contrast with her earlier years, Valeria now lives a life away from “animal urges”. She’s stated in interviews that her husband and her both are from that alternate universe. There, children don’t exist. It follows that intimacy also doesn’t exist. When asked about that, she says “the less you make this so-called love, the better.” She’s also against overeating and overindulgent behavior.


So what does Valeria do all day? In her traditional job, she’s a photo model. Other than that, she says a typical day involves waking up, working out, and then surfing on the Internet all day. Of course, she’s also a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Travel. Valeria is contemplating a move to America. She and her husband are currently based in Odessa, Ukraine where the rest of her family lives.

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