Woman Claims She Is Engaged To A Ghost And Ready To Have His Baby

Amethyst Realm is like a lot of other people in her age bracket. While she thought that she had located “the one” that she was going to settle down with, it was not meant to be. She is still single and searching for the person who is just right for her. Amethyst is not willing to give up, though. As it turns out, she may have found the ultimate dating hack.

Unlike the rest of us saps who date within the realm of the living, she claims to be engaged to….wait for it….an actual ghost. Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places! She came to the realization after a recent trip overseas. Amethyst claims that she met a man in Australia and that they are now in the midst of what she calls a “phantom fling”.

The encounter first took place when she was out for a stroll through the bushes. Amethyst felt a certain “energy”. Now, she is in love with the spirit and they are currently engaged. This is not her first rodeo, either. She has been in a multitude of relationships with these sorts of entities. To make matters even more bizarre, she left a real, live fiance for the intangible spirit.

A Pagan wedding ceremony is slated to take place. The details have not been locked in yet but Amethyst is expecting a major event. The ghostly lover is even said to have proposed after a particularly passionate night of lovemaking. She says that she heard the man’s voice and that he spoke to her in a very powerful, commanding manner.

There’s no ring yet but the fiance is said to be quite picky. The ghost has revealed himself to Amethyst but only as a ray of light. In her words, the complexities of the relationship are hard for the earth bound to understand. They do not even need to converse because the connection that they share with one another is just that strong.

This is the connection that will see them through parenthood. That’s right, the couple is looking to have children. Amethyst is unsure as to how they would create an actual child but is still willing to start a family with “Ray”. Where do you stand on this one? Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? Be sure to pass this story along to find out what your friends and loved ones think.

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