Woman Calls Police On Man Because His ‘Dog Humped Hers’

You never know when you will have the opportunity to capture something truly unusual on video. It happened recently when someone got footage of a woman calling the police because a dog was trying to hump her dog at the dog park.

The woman is heard on the phone at Massachusetts Park, talking to the police officer. She is reporting a ‘crime’, perhaps you might call it inappropriate canine humping?

Franklin Baxley, the 42-year-old man who had the ‘aggressive’ dog was heard asking her why she was “calling the cops right now”. He went on to say, “Because I told you I wasn’t leaving the park? Because my dog humped your dog?”

Baxley said that the woman was calling the police after the ‘assault’ took place. She was calling it an ‘aggressive’ hump.

It seems that Baxley followed up quickly by pulling his dog away but they ended up in an argument. The woman wanted him to take his dog and leave the park but he refused to do so.

The situation got even more complicated after someone else came up and tried to get in the middle. They can be heard on the video telling him it was ‘inappropriate for the dog park’.

Baxley responded: “No it’s not. I’ve seen every single dog hump another dog here. She’s asking me to leave and now she’s calling the cops?”

Baxley is a former attorney and he claims the police investigation was excessive. The unnamed woman wasn’t about to give in and she continued to tell the police that his dog ‘keeps humping my dog and assaulting him’.

Baxley said in a later interview: “I am a responsible dog owner, and my dog is super friendly. Anyone who goes to that park regularly knows me and will attest to that fact. The dogs were living their best lives the whole time.”

Attleboro Police rolled onto the scene and report that everyone was reasonable. A Sergeant said: “Peace was restored and no charges were filed.”

He was asked if her calling the police was appropriate and he said: “We have a motto written on the sides of our cars: no call too small. If you see something, say something – and we’ll investigate it.”

So, just in case you were wondering, the next time your dog is being ‘aggressively assaulted’ at the dog park, it’s fine to call the cops.

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