Wife vows to stand by her husband after he stabbed her 46 times

Shannon Barnard, a 21-year-old wife from Leatherhead in Kent, England, took a vow of death do they part even though her husband is currently serving a lengthy prison sentence after stabbing her 46 times in a drunken rage.

Posted by Hamida Shannon Barnard on Friday, August 17, 2018

She spent 17 days in the hospital after the event her wounds included: a punctured lung and 4 of her internal organs had been penetrated.

Shannon discovered he had been cheating on her causing the couple to argue constantly.  Micheal Barnard waited till Shannon fell asleep on the couch to make his move.  She awoke to find him hovering over her with a knife.

Shannon described the attack: “I screamed and then somehow I was in the front room. After he stabbed me I dropped to the floor. His dad was still on the phone and I was screaming ‘He’s got a knife’. I was on my back on the floor and Mike was literally on top of me and was just stabbing me. He was on his knees and leant over me.”

She continued: “I remember him trying to move my arms away and I was just screaming. He didn’t say anything apart from when I said ‘Stop. I’ve got to call my dad’. He said ‘No, you’ve got to die.’ That was the only thing he said the whole time. He said it just once when I was on the floor. I was just thinking I was going to die, that I was dead.”

During the trial Judge Philip Statman told Barnard: ‘Your wife was extraordinarily lucky to have survived this ordeal.  The reason why she did so was down to the very quick medical response together with the extraordinary skill of the surgeons who undoubtedly in my judgment saved her life. This was a relentless and horrifying assault upon her. It was ferocious, and looking at the photographs of her body and indeed of the scene, one can see the amount of blood that she lost, and significantly the scars that will accompany her throughout her life.”

He added: “Each day when your victim gets up in the morning and looks down at her body she can see, and will do for the rest of her life that which you did to her. I am completely satisfied that to set about your wife in the way which you did in the matrimonial home constitutes the gravest breach of trust that one could possibly imagine. This is a very serious case of attempted murder.”

Posted by Hamida Shannon Barnard on Sunday, July 22, 2018

However,  Shannon has reiterated that she remains 100% committed to her husband.  She has also reported that the two will start a family when he is released from prison. She posted on social media standing up for her husband to all the critics stating: “My husband is MICHAEL BARNARD and if anyone wants to put anything on here about him unfriend me! Or if u talk to or have anything to do with them dossers then unfriend me! [sic]”

She later added: “I’ve said it before but I don’t think I’ve quite made myself clear enough whoever has anything to do with the mongrels who caused my husband to have a mental breakdown DO NOT TALK TO ME! I have nothing in common with people who associate or comment on there Facebook! unfriend me. [sic]”

Michael Barnard has since been diagnosed with a short-lived adjustment disorder and has been placed on antipsychotic medication.

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