Very Pregnant Jessica Simpson Shares Warning After Toilet Seat Mishap

Plenty of people face challenges with their pregnancy. However, it seems to be more hilarious when it happens to celebrities. A very pregnant Jessica Simpson decided to share a mishap on social media.

She’s currently nearing the end of her last trimester with her third child. Last month, the fashion designer and singer asked for advice from fans who could provide a remedy for feet swelling. She posted a photo of a very swollen foot to go with it.

Most recently, the problem is less serious but she, nonetheless, wanted to give everyone a good laugh. She posed on Instagram with a piece of a broken toilet seat. She shared a bit of the story with it. She started it out with a “warning.” Her PSA was not to lean back on a toilet when pregnant.

Jessica Simpson, who has over four million followers on her Instagram account, received thousands of likes.

Jessica Simpson has chosen to be very open about some of the complications she’s faced in the past few months while being pregnant. The 38-year-old singer has covered everything from anxiety to insomnia to sciatica pain.

She’s been dealing with so much acid reflux as a result of her pregnancy that she’s even bought a reclining chair so that she could get some sleep. She posed for a picture to put on her Instagram page with a thumb’s up while she sat in her ultra-comfortable recliner. This got even more likes than the toilet seat mishap, most likely because plenty of her fans could relate. In fact, this post garnered over 4,000 comments, too.

Jessica Simpson has been reminding plenty of fans just what it’s like to be pregnant. One fan replied that she’s never related so well to a celebrity. Another used the hashtag #noshame when it came to the mishap with the toilet seat.

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💚 Birdie’s Nest 💚

A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

Simpson hasn’t shared her due date with the world. However, she did share the theme of her baby shower along with some photos. The theme was a fairy tale baby shower and there were words at the top that got everyone talking: “Birdie’s Nest.” Many fans have chosen to believe that Birdie will be the name of her third child.

Jessica Simpson, who is married to Eric Johnson, has confirmed that baby number three will be named Birdie. She said that it’s a family name and has confirmed the name with ET.

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