Tori Spelling Confirms Reboot Of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ With The Original Cast

Fans of the most famous television zip code will be thrilled to know that the drama is reportedly being brought back to the small screen quite soon.

Tori Spelling, one of the original cast members, spilled the news of the reboot for “Beverly Hills, 90210” on accident. But like many revivals of famous shows and movies from previous decades, fans should keep in mind that there will some major changes and plot twists.

“We were having coffee in between meetings with networks,” Spelling said recently on “Access Friday” before adding, “It’s confirmed. We’re doing a new 90210.”

Realizing that she might have spilled the beans, Spelling joked, “Did I just confirm something that wasn’t known?”

The actress, well known for her portrayal of Donna Martin from 1990 to 2000, further revealed details about the reboot during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight”.

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The show has already been revived before, from 2008 to 2013, and this has some fans worried about how the showrunners would keep the storyline fresh. Spelling, whose father Aaron was one of the original show’s executive producers, has explained their solution which is to have the original characters play themselves in a fictional behind-the-scenes which would make the story more unique.

“Jennie Garth and I were like, ‘What would be something fun?’ and so we decided what would it be like if an entire ensemble cast played themselves,” she commented.

Spelling continued, “This is the first time an entire cast will be playing heightened versions, so people would be going, ‘What’s fictional, what’s not fictional?’ [It will be a] blend about doing the behind the scenes of a reboot, so don’t worry — all the fans will get to see scenes within scenes so they won’t be disappointed.”

Spelling dropped further hints that the original cast would be returning, and fans will “see [the characters] Donna and David, but they’ll also see [the real people], Tori and Brian and Jennie and everyone else.”

While Tori’s Donna, Brandon (Jason Priestley), Kelly (Jennie Garth), David (Brian Austin Green), Steve (Ian Ziering) and Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris) have been signed to the show’s reboot, it’s still unclear whether or not Shannen Doherty and Luke Perry will be reprising their roles as one of TV’s all-time favorite couples, Brenda and Dylan.

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There are rumors circulating that several networks are showing interest in the series. However there’s no confirmation on which ones are in the running. Rumor has it that several networks are interested in the series, but there’s no confirmation on which ones are in the running.

The original show ran on Fox from 1990 until 2000, while the 2008 reboot was aired on the CW. Beverly Hills 90210 was a hit which defined a generation and paved the way for two other spin-off series, “Melrose Place” and “Models Inc.” to follow.

Hopefully the new reboot will live up to the success of its first predecessor.

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