Dog Sobs Real Tears And Has Trouble Catching His Breath While Grieving At Owner’s Gravesite

There are many who believe that dogs are unable to feel the pain and sadness that we do when we lose a loved one. This is a viewpoint that has been allowed to flourish, despite the fact that there is very little evidence to support. Dogs are our best friends and when we lose our best friends, it hurts us deeply. It can even feel as if we will never find love again.

Dogs are capable of feeling the same grief as any human. This story is definitive proof for anyone who is still a non believer. When they lost their loved ones, it is very confusing. Just imagine how you would feel if the person who loved and cared for you on a daily basis simply vanished without a trace. It would feel awful, right? You might even end up believing that you did something to push them away.

A dog has no clue what happened in these instances. All they can do is wait around, wishing that their owner would come back to them. This YouTube clip shows a dog laying on top of a loved one’s gravestone. The animal clearly understands what has happened to them and is looking to cuddle with them one last time before having to say goodbye forever.

Wiley is a therapy dog for war veterans and this would explain why he takes death so hard. The grave that he is laying on is actually the grave of his former owner’s grandma. This dog is definitely grieving and anyone who says otherwise is merely looking to diminish the level of emotion that the average pet feels. They are mindful creatures who feel things very deeply.

Let’s all do our part to remove the perception of dogs being mindless. There is no reason why this baseless idea should continue to be perpetuated in 2018. This is not a projection or wishful thinking on our part. It is hard to deny the pain that the dog is feeling in this clip and watching them cry is making us want to shed more than a few tears of our own.

All of the love that we give to our dogs will come back to us several times over. These are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet and their love for us never stops. Please share this touching story with your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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