Teen Suing Clinic For Aborting His Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Without His Consent

Abortion is still a widely controversial issue of discussion across the United States, and recently, an incident in Alabama is promising to create another huge debate regarding fetal ownership.

Currently, Ryan Magers is pursuing a case against a clinic in Madison County because they performed an abortion for his girlfriend, and they did not have his consent. But the issue goes even further than that, as a court has recognized the unborn fetus as a person with rights – as is Alabama law – so this allows the 19-year-old to pursue legal action on its behalf.

It has been two years since Magers’ girlfriend got the procedure done, but he is still determined to have his day in court so that future generations of men can have legal precedent to keep their fetus, regardless of how what woman feels or wants.

As he explained to WAAY 31,”I’m here for the men who actually want to have their baby. I believe every child from conception is a baby and deserves to live. I just tried to plead with her and plead with her and just talk to her about it and see what I could do, but in the end, there was nothing I could do to change her mind. Even though there’s nothing I can do for the situation I was in, there is something I can do for the future situations for other people.”

His girlfriend was approximately six weeks along in the pregnancy before she made her decision to take two pills in order to have the abortion.

J. Brent Helms, the lawyer representing Magers felt the need to add that Ryan was prepared to step up to the plate and be a father.

“Ryan was all about family. He took on extra jobs to be able to pay for the birth of Baby Roe,” he said to Refinery 29. “He doesn’t know why she didn’t want to go through with the pregnancy. He’s not giving me a definitive answer to that question.”

While he’s obviously just defending his client, he does recognize that should the court side with them, it’ll have a massive ripple effect of consequences for women, one of which being: what happens if a female rape victim has to give birth to a baby conceived with the rapist because he wants the child?

Regarding these major questions Helms simply said, “I think the answers to a lot of these questions will have to play out in the future depending on what the court rules. There could be a situation where a father has to give consent to an abortion, also, our Alabama legislature could carve out exceptions. It’s almost too early to tell.”

The debate is just getting started.

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