Susan Boyle Sings For The 1st Time In Years Making Audience Cheer When Simon Hits Golden Buzzer

Britain’s Got Talent is one of our favorite shows and those who have been watching the show for a few years now have probably already gotten to know Susan Boyle. For our money, she is one of the most talented women in show business. Her amazing talent is now appreciated by audiences all over the world. Now, she is returning to the stage where she first gained widespread acclaim.

While her talent was certainly evident from the very beginning, it is clear to see that she has been honing her craft ever since her career took off. When she returned to the stage, she sang one of the songs that first got her noticed: “Wild Horses”. It was fun to watch Susan return with a song that avid Britain’s Got Talent fans will remember from season 4.

Judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum were also happy to welcome her back. She received a warm reception from the audience and who wouldn’t be happy to see her on stage? Some may have assumed that these performances are old hat for Susan but she was the most excited of all! Even after all the success she has achieved, she is still happy to grace the stage.

Before she started to sing, she even said that she was looking forward to showing Simon just how much she’s grown as a singer since her initial appearance. As you might have expected, she did not disappoint. We did not think that it would be possible for her to get any better than she already is but we were in for quite the rude awakening.

Susan nailed every note with the type of precision that her fans have come to expect. Mel B decided that it was time to award her with the Golden Buzzer. This is not a button that gets pressed for just anyone. As someone who is considered to be an icon in her own right, Mel B is not about to push the Golden Buzzer without having good reason to do so.

Would you like to find out more about the Golden Buzzer? Looking to check out Susan’s awesome performance for yourself? If so, be sure to check out the video below. This inspirational performance definitely needs to be seen by the largest audience possible. Be sure to pass it along to all of the music lovers in your life!

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