Supermodel Naomi Campbell Shared A Rare Photo Of Her Natural Hair

When we picture a supermodel, a certain image comes to mind. That image belongs to Naomi Campbell, one of the quintessential supermodels. As one of the original “Big 5”, she’s been known for her long, dark tresses for decades. It is quite possible that we are more attached to her locks than she is, though. Some of her most ardent fans may not be aware of a simple fact.

Her hair does not exactly belong to her, at least not in a literal sense. However, she is not trying to conceal her reliance on wigs and extensions. The middle parted look that she is most famous for does not happen on its own. Campbell has now elected to show the world what has been hiding underneath all along. The latest photos from her Kenyan vacation are turning more than a few heads!

At 48, Campbell is still very much capable of stopping traffic…and breaking the Internet. She uploaded a photo of her hair in cornrows to her Instagram and Twitter accounts and the ensuing frenzy proves that true beauty simply does not age. This is a natural beauty that shines at all times. As you may have imagined, Naomi is used to being the topic of online conversation.

This is not the first time that her choice of hairstyle has raised a stir. She experienced hair loss as the result of her aforementioned reliance of extensions. When a picture surfaced of Campbell wearing a wig with bald patches, the story immediately went viral. Naomi has since admitted that she needs to take much better care of her hair.

While she is trying her best to avoid future hair damage, she still admits that she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. If that means wearing a wig, she is going to take the necessary steps to fulfill her job requirements. Campbell says that everyone wears a wig and that the conversation isn’t as important anyone.

Whether she is wearing a wig or going all natural, she is sure to inspire a great deal of chatter. It comes with the territory. Judging from her latest social media exploits, she is not all that upset about it. Are you a fan of Naomi’s natural locks? If you are anything like us, then this is a trick question because you already know that she could pull off any hairstyle that she desires!

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