Senior Dog Cruelly Abandoned By His Family Found Wandering The Streets For Food

Senior dogs are often cast aside by their families, for reasons that don’t even make much logical sense. These stories are definitely saddening and they serve as a reminder of how cruel humans can be. Just imagine what it would be like to spend your whole life with a loving family, only to have them toss you out into the streets the second you start to age.

This is a reality for senior pets. When a family refuses to provide proper care for a senior animal, these pets are often left with nowhere to go. Life at local shelters can be tough on them. They are typically confused about their change in circumstances and older pets are not as attractive from an adoption standpoint. The misery that is created by these heartless decisions is tough to watch.

Ray was just eight years old when he was abandoned. The poor pup was found wandering the streets of Torrance recently and he was in rough shape. It was easy to tell that he had been abandoned. He was missing fur, hadn’t been fed regularly in ages and his eyes were even beginning to crust over. Carson Shelter workers rescued him and set about the task of helping him out.

While his health improved, his demeanor did not. Poor Ray was very depressed. Dogs do not possess the ability to fully understand why they are abandoned. In most instances, the poor pooches probably believe that it is all their fault. Once he was put up for adoption, the shelter workers were worried that the demand was going to remain low.

In time, they would soon realize that these concerns were overblown. Ray finally found a new forever home and we are glad to report that this story has a happy ending. We are especially glad to see that he is still responding to all of the humans that he meets with love and affection. A lot of his dogs in his position would become far more withdrawn as a result of their experiences.

If you would like to learn more about Ray’s story, please be sure to check out the video below. Once you have had a chance to check out Ray’s story for yourself, please be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. Hopefully, stories like these can one day become a thing of the past.

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