‘Scrubs’ Actor Sam Lloyd Diagnosed With Cancer Weeks After Birth Of His First Child

We all remember Ted the Lawyer, an iconic character from the hit television show “Scrubs”. In recent developments, the actor who portrayed him, Sam Lloyd, received two very shocking bits of news, one right after another.

Late last year, Lloyd, 55, became a first-time father when his wife Vanessa gave birth to their son Weston.

Just weeks later, Lloyd began suffering from chronic headaches and he went down 10 pounds. Because he was busy caring for his newborn son as well as his ailing mother, Lloyd assumed the worrying symptoms were brought on by stress and did not go to the doctor.

When he finally got around to seeking medical attention, a CT scan highlighted a tumor that had developed in Lloyd’s brain. Doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the mass only to have to find that it was too deep to take out without risk to Lloyd’s safety.

While Lloyd recovered from the failed surgery in the hospital, more tests were run, only to discover the disease had spread to his lungs, spine, liver, and jaw.

The actor, whose roles expand across a variety of movies and shows like “Galaxy Quest”, “Flubber” and “Modern Family”, launched a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical costs.

Lloyd’s fundraiser is seeking $100,000 for his treatment, and in just one day has already collected more than $70,000 from devoted fans.

Despite the dire situation, Lloyd’s fundraiser states that his family is staying positive.
A quote from the page reads, “Humor and laughter, which have been a huge part of Sam’s life, will undoubtedly help him with what lies ahead.”

We all wish him strength and a fast recovery.

If you’d like to help, you can donate to his GoFundMe.

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