Science Has Spoken: Clutter Triggers Stress And Anxiety

We have all experienced feelings of disappointment when our house is not as clean as it should be. Walking into the kitchen to find dirty dishes or a mess that was not cleaned up by the little ones can be disheartening for sure. In fact, it is enough to drive some of us bonkers. But did you know that there is actually a viable explanation for this feeling?

There is actual scientific evidence to support this feeling. Clutter has now been proven to cause feelings of stress and anxiety. Living among mess and sloppiness is simply not good for the brain. Messy homes can cause people to experience feelings of powerlessness as well. However, clutter is rarely (if ever) recognized as a true source of tension for the average person.

Sherrie Bourg Carter is a psychologist who got more in-depth about this problem during a recent issue of Psychology Today. She has a number of reasons why clutter should be avoided. For starters, it can cause our senses to go into overdrive and also sidetracks us when there are more important issues that need to be addressed in our daily lives.

We are not able to relax as easily as we once could. Our minds remain on overdrive because we start to believe that our work is never actually going to be done. Stress and anxiety are also triggered as a result. Creativity and productivity reach an all-time low. Lastly, we use up all of our available bandwidth when we allow ourselves to be swept up in these sorts of concerns.

Females tend to react more to these issues than men do, in accordance with information provided by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families. To remove all of this stress and anxiety from the equation, there is just one simple solution: pick up after yourself! After all, preventive medicine is always the best option, isn’t it?

Once you have made a mess, pick it up. If you have items that are taking up space unnecessarily, get rid of them. Speak to other members of the household who is responsible for making messes and get on the same page. Creating an area where excess items are to be stored (and sticking to the plan) is also important. Be sure to share this important story with all of your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.;

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