School Threatens To Expel Teen For ‘Harassment’ After She Wore A Printed T-Shirt With A Slogan

When this 17 year old student wore a shirt with a harmless slogan on it to school, she never could have expected the firestorm that would result from it. The phrase? Boys aren’t allowed to touch me. This seems innocent enough, right? After all, boys should not be placing their hands on young ladies who have not already provided the proper consent.

However, this school did not view it that way. The school decided that the phrase was a form of harassment. What kind of sense does that make? A young lady wears a shirt asking not to be harassed and somehow, it is construed as “fighting words”. This is the sort of harebrained logic that keeps us awake at night sometimes. The Internet seems to share our point of view on this one, though.

We are sure that there are plenty of trolls who agree with the school but we are not going to give them any additional attention. The girl’s mother decided to let the Internet know what took place. Once she shared the story on Reddit, it went viral right away. There is more to the story, as well. It turns out that the young lady was something of a late bloomer.

She developed quite a bit over the previous summer. Instead of respecting her boundaries, she had been groped several times by the boys at her school. The shirt may have read tongue in cheek but there was some serious hurt behind it. When the girl told the principal what had taken place, he did not have her back. He told her that the boys were simply “joking around” with her.

This type of “boys will be boys” nonsense cannot fly in 2018. We need to be teaching our young men that they are not allowed to grope whoever they want without consequences. The girl was sent home for being “inappropriate” and these are the stories that make our blood boil. Stories like this one need to become a thing of the past and awareness must be raised.

Our young ladies are growing up in a world that casts them aside and lets their concerns fall on deaf ears. Shame on this principal for their deplorable actions. No young woman should ever have to be worried about inappropriate touching when they are trying to learn. Please share this story to spread awareness about the challenges that our young women face in today’s society.

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