Rude Kid On Subway Won’t Move His Legs So This Guy Decided To Sit On Him

Anyone who takes public transport on the daily is usually well versed in the unspoken rules of etiquette surrounding personal space. I’m sure those of us that are on the daily grind using buses or trains probably have a few stories of rude people; anything stemming from people carrying on very cell phone loud conversations, people who won’t move their bags from the seat beside them, to the random person who refuses to listen to music with headphones and thinks it’s socially acceptable to provide the rest of us commuters with a private concert – we’ve all been there. 

But recently, a very inconsiderate kid who was taking up several subway seats by laying down and stretching out got a life lesson in public transport etiquette, and it has gone viral.

The image was first tweeted by @da_drought_3, who was offended by the fact that the kid was taking up three seating spaces, and was making no clear effort to move for anyone. It wasn’t until an unsung hero came out of nowhere, and when the kid didn’t move, just sat down on his legs. Based off the kid’s reaction it was clear that no one had ever challenged him like that, and no one has ever properly disciplined him. And the rest of Twitter was living for his facial reactions.

Simply put, justice is a beautiful thing. 

The kid’s name we’ve discovered is Joe, but we still don’t know who the woman beside him was. All we know is that she must’ve been a guardian of some sort, and she wasn’t happy with him when they missed a stop because of him. 

The mortified look on Joe’s face from the video says it all, and Twitter was just eating up the karma. He got taught a lesson by a total stranger who was dressed like some kind of goth superhero with a poker face. 

It has become such an internet sensation that someone has even created t-shirts that capture the iconic subway ride.

While there are those that are complaining about a grown man sitting on the kid’s legs, there’s a lot more support for the subway hero. I’m partially one of those individuals that feels rude people on public transport sometimes just need to be firmly reminded that we’re all sharing the same space so other people’s comfort matters too. 

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