Puppies Left In Dumpster Have The Sweetest Reaction When People Come To Save Them

The San Antonio Pets Alive! clinic received a strange visitor this past Friday. The man stopped by with two small puppies that he was looking to surrender. The workers tried to assist him by directing him to a no kill shelter located nearby. Instead of taking the puppies to this shelter, the man decided that he would simply toss the puppies away in a dumpster.

Why would someone choose to do this when there are perfectly good shelters that are willing to help? This is peak laziness and this is also peak selfishness. The owner of the meat market found the puppies in their dumpster and contacted the proper authorities right away. A kennel supervisor from the aforementioned clinic came over immediately to help out.

They were stunned to find out that the dogs were okay. The dogs were also happy to see a human who cared. Their tails began to wag and the love that they still had in their hearts was evident. Sadly, receiving food seemed to be a new experience for the dogs as well. A medicated bath was also given to the dogs in order to remove their fleas.

The puppies had experienced severe neglect at the hands of the cruel owner who tossed them aside and it would take some time for them to get over the experience. They have since been renamed Bowie and Crockett. Unfortunately, they tested positive for various parasites (including ringworm). The bond that they share is getting them through the hard times.

The clinic workers say that they have never seen a bond quite like this one. Crockett was found to have a potentially deadly disease, though, so the boys had to kept separate for a while. Their caretakers remain confident that they will be okay. Once they have achieved a full recovery, the dogs will have the chance to find the forever home that they truly deserve.

Would you like to help these dogs find a home? If so, be sure to share this story as soon as possible. You can also make a timely donation to the good people at San Antonio Pets Alive! There are plenty of dogs at this location that could use your help. Let’s all take this opportunity to come together and do our part so that these types of stories will finally become a thing of the past.

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