President Bush’s Faithful Service Dog Remained By His Side Until His Final Moment

When President George H. W. Bush passed away this past Friday, he left behind a number of friends and loved ones who have a deep and abiding respect for the work that he has done. While most know him a faithful public servant, Bush wore a wide range of hats throughout the course of his life. Those who know him best actually know George to be one of the most faithful dog owners of all.

His best pal was Sully, an adorable yellow Lab. After his wife Barbara passed away earlier this year, his limited mobility made life even harder. Sully has been there to assist him, each and every step of the way. America’s VetDogs is the nonprofit organization that is responsible for Sully’s training. The service dog stepped into the role with grace and aplomb.

The dog was treated like a true member of the Bush family from the get-go. Sully is a well-trained service animal who has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks. He is responsible for helping to ensure Bush’s comfort during his final months. He is able to open a door, turn on a light switch and he also helps his owners when there are objects slightly out of reach.

Sully may have been able to assist his owner in a number of ways but few contributions were more important than the love and affection he provided. When the Bush family spokesperson released a photo of the dog laying next to his former owner’s coffin, the Internet shared Sully’s sadness. The “mission complete” caption said it all, didn’t it?

This week will be full of remembrances and tributes to the former president. Sully is going to remain by his owner’s side until he reaches his final resting place. The adorable pup is also going to continue to provide helpful service to veterans who are in need of his assistance. After all, a service animal’s work is truly never done, right?

He will be residing at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Maryland. While his family is certainly going to miss him, they understand that the dog has a number of other responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. We would like to send our condolences to the Bush family at this time and we hope that Sully continues to bring good cheer to everyone he meets.

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