Plastic See-Through Shorts For Men Are Now Trending

Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still upgrade your wardrobe with some new swimwear for men. But they’re not your average printed cloth material. They’re a little more transparent than that.

Yes, they are transparent swim shorts that come in plastic. They are put out by MaverickSwim as an essential part of the summer bathing wardrobe. 

Lately, transparent clothing has been taking over the women’s fashion industry as seen by festival goers wearing transparent plastic everything this summer. But now it seems that guys are getting a chance to get in on this 2019 fashion trend. 

If you’re someone that would want to wear transparent swimming trunks, you can pick them up from the unique fashion brand, MaverickSwim.

While transparent shorts for men aren’t something new – the fetish world has been in on it for a while – for just $26.99 you can get yourself a pair. But you may not want to wear them out of the house without underwear. If not, you may be getting yourself an indecent exposure charge.

The transparent plastic shorts come complete with a white elastic waistband and neon green drawstrings. 

According to MaverickSwim, the shorts are best worn at the beach, but since it’s summer, why not take them for a spin in other places like a friend’s pool party, a BBQ, a walk in the park with your dog…the possibilities are endless.

Currently, the MaverickSwim shorts are only available for purchase on US sites, including Amazon. So, if you’re elsewhere in the world you may have to look for your transparent men’s clothing on eBay.

 What do you think of the trend of transparent clothing? Would you ever get these transparent swim shorts?

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