Parents Outraged After School Shaves Parts Of Student’s Heads

One of the responsibilities of the educational staff is to ensure that no type of illegal activity is taking place in the student body.

We sometimes hear about drugs that are easily found at school in the hallways and those faculties want to do something about it.

It seems as if one school board may have gone overboard when it comes to testing pupils for narcotics and the parents are fuming.

The event took place at the USD 325 in Phillipsburg, Kansas. Students attending that school came home one day with some of their hair shaved off. It was about the size of a quarter.

Jeanette and Brian Anderson are parents of a daughter who attend that school and they were stunned when they saw what had happened. She said that it was part of a random drug test and she ended up with a bald spot on her head.

“She came home and was upset because she had shaven a big spot off of her head, which wound up being the size of the quarter on the back of her head,” Brian told KSN.

“She said mom you’re going to be mad,” Jeanette added. “And she instantly showed me and the tears were there.”

USD 325 had previously informed the parents that random drug tests were going to be conducted on both middle and high school students. Those students, who were involved in afterschool activities, were not aware of the method that was being used.

Parents had signed a consent form to allow the testing for narcotics to take place. After this occurred, they went to the school board’s superintendent with some complaints.

“They went with a hair follicle test because it goes back 90 days,” Superintendent Mike Gower said. “There’s been a lot of concerns of why don’t you use swabs? Why don’t you use urine? Those test will not go as far back.”

Two middle school students and six high school students are tested in USD 325 every month. Glower explained that hair is the common way for this to take place and typically, it would be three different locations but they had only taken it from a single location.

He admits that a better job of informing the public could have been done when it came to the drug testing method.

“That’s what got people upset,” he told The Wichita Eagle. “But it’s on me, and what happens in this district is on me, and I take full responsibility.”

Gower says that a new company is being researched to concoct the drug testing, hopefully in time for the next board meeting.

“We’ll make sure someone is in there, not only the parent, but an employee,” he said. “We don’t just want the testing person from the company.”

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