Paralyzed Puppy Passes Away After Being Dumped On Christmas Day

How someone can treat an animal horribly is beyond us! But the folks who do this sort of thing during the holidays are truly deranged. Yorkshire rescuers found themselves by what took place recently and we are also stunned by these revelations. A five-week old puppy was tossed aside on Christmas Day and left to die in an alley.

Why someone would partake in this sort of cruel and remorseless behavior is a mystery. There are a wide range of locations that are willing to assist in these scenarios. A local resident found the poor dog struggling to stay alive and did their best to help. They gathered the pooch and brought the animal in a big box. By the time the dog was found, he no longer had use of his legs.

The vets finally got the chance to take a look at him. It did not take long for them to decide that the dog was not very likely to recover from what had taken place. This animal was essentially robbed of ever having a chance to enjoy a normal life, all because one selfish person couldn’t be bothered to bring the dog to the proper authorities.

The dog was put to sleep at this time and this decision was not made quickly. It took a great deal of deliberation but the vets realized that the dog’s quality of life was never going to be what it was supposed to be. These are the consequences of the selfish decisions that are often made by the people who do not consider the ins and outs of pet ownership.

They talk themselves into thinking it will be easy as it looks on television. In reality, these people paint themselves into an impossible corner and they respond with some of the most disgraceful behavior imaginable. We just hope that the parties who are responsible for what has taken place here are eventually brought to justice for this monstrous act.

RSPCA officers are taking this matter with the utmost level of seriousness. The pup was abandoned by the owner because they were looking to avoid a vet bill for the dog’s sickness. The former owner may not have been able to sell the dog either, this may have been a motivation as well. Call 0300-123-8018 if you any further information that can assist the investigators.

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