Owners Who Force Their Cats To Be Vegan Could Face Criminal Charges

According to the Telegraph, owners risk breaking the law if they force their pets into veganism.

The RSPCA are said to be supporters of the change, as cats can become seriously ill if given exclusively plant-based diets.

A spokesman said while dogs were omnivores and could theoretically survive on a vegetarian diet, cats were carnivores and needed meat.

They pointed out:

“Under the Animal Welfare Act, the law requires an owner to take reasonable steps to ensure that all the pet’s needs are met.

“This includes a healthy diet, as well as providing suitable living conditions, ability to behave normally, appropriate company and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease.”

Furthermore, according to Feline Nutrition Foundation, felines ‘must eat meat’ and that it is ‘an absolute biological necessity.’

Guidelines say owners could be slapped with a huge fine or even a jail sentence if convicted under the Animal Welfare Act if the animal is malnourished.

The warning comes after the National Pet Show in Birmingham earlier this month showcased the latest in vegan pet food and non-meat alternatives.

These products use vegetable protein derived from soya, wheat, maize, rice and beet pulp substituted with synthetic vitamins and amino acids naturally found in meat.

The spokesman for the RSPCA added:

“Cats are strict carnivores and depend on some very specific nutrients that are found in meat including taurine, vitamin A and arachidonic acid so can become seriously ill if they are fed a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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