Offset Uses Footage of Cardi B Giving Birth to Promote New Album

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for rapper Offset’s new debut solo album, the wait will soon be over. It’s scheduled to drop in less than two weeks.

The Atlanta rapper posted a promo for the project, along with its supporting documentary, during the Grammy Awards Sunday evening. The clip is full of behind-the-scenes footage which include the rapper in a studio session, FaceTiming in a car with his son, performing onstage with his fellow Migos members – but the clip that has everyone very excited is the last one where we get a small glimpse into the birth of his daughter, Kulture. The teaser shows Cardi B giving birth before concluding with the album’s release date: February 22, 2019.

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A L B U M & D O C C O M I N G 2/ 22/19

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This is very welcomed news, as fans have been waiting for Offset’s solo album to come out since the end of 2018. It was originally due for release on the 14th of December, but due to his split from Cardi B, it was pushed back. Following the next few months, Offset remained very quiet about the project. Previously however, when he discussed it, he referred to it as more of a “playlist” that will touch on various subjects such as his May car crash, his come-up, and his marriage to Cardi.

“I’m not really talking too much about Pateks and Lambos because it’s not relatable,” he revealed to Billboard. “That’s almost like bubblegum rap now, how the people are accepting it. They just get two days of playing it, then it’s over with. This can last and people can feel it […] I’m really pushing my album to be a playlist and not an album, because a playlist is consistently being played for moves, exercises, and different things.”

We’re all very excited, Offset. Let’s hope these next few weeks fly by.

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