News Anchor Craig Melvin Has A Corneal Ulcer And It’s A Warning For Those Who Sleep In Contacts

Most of us could not imagine living without our eyesight and we take care of our eyes regularly. We may visit the eye doctor on a regular basis and if some type of corrective lenses are necessary, we make sure we have them.

Our doctor also provides us with information as to how to care for our eyes but we don’t always follow their instructions to the letter. Doing so could have long-term consequences, which is something that Today actor, Craig Melvin is now dealing with. He recently revealed that he has issues because of his contact lenses and it is a reminder for all of us. He knew that sleeping in them was not the best idea. He has done it for years, however, and has never experienced a problem, at least until now.

He started to experience unusual dryness and irritation so he went to his ophthalmologist. He thought it was a matter of seasonal allergies but it turned out to be something quite serious. He had developed an open sore on the surface of his eye, known as a corneal ulcer.

Craig Melvin, the newest anchor on the Today show revealed how a bad habit ended up causing extreme damage to his vision.

He wears contact lenses and he would sleep in them regularly. His ophthalmologist and most eye doctors warn their patients against doing it on a repeated basis.

He never had a problem with it before so he continued to do it. He then experienced a problem in August.

His eyes were getting unusually red and he thought it was just a seasonal allergy flare-up.

The condition continued to get worse so his colleagues talked him into seeing his ophthalmologist.

After visiting the doctor, Craig discovered that he had a corneal ulcer because he was sleeping in his contacts. His doctor said it was similar to wearing the same underwear every day.

It was that analogy that allowed Craig to see how unsanitary it was to sleep in his contacts. He was ready to stop the habit but he first had to rest his eyes and wear glasses for a few weeks.

He shared the experience with the viewers of Today. Fans showed up on social media to talk about their own experiences and the hard lessons they learned.

Some were talking about residual eye damage and there were a few who were reporting a level of blindness.

If you have concerns about corneal ulcers, you should know the signs: irritation, tearing or discharge, redness and obstructed vision.

You should also practice good hygiene when wearing contacts, regardless of whether they are reusable or disposable. Corneal ulcers can often start with a bacterial infection.

Fortunately, Craig’s eyesight will recover but it was a close. He said: “The doctor said if it had gone untreated for several weeks it could have been irreparable.”

He wore his glasses for a few weeks and now he is wearing contact lenses again. He continues to comment on the issue to raise awareness.

Craig realizes how fortunate he is to have come through it with just a few weeks of wearing glasses. It is a warning for anyone who may have the same practice.

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