Former ‘Nerd’ Transforms Himself Into Six Pack, Tattooed Hottie

What would you have to do to change your appearance completely? Many of us would have to do something drastic but it would likely include dieting and exercise, sometimes to the extreme.

When you look at an overweight man, it is sometimes difficult to remember that there is a trim individual on the inside. At the same time, every 96-pound weakling is a powerhouse on the outside as well. It really is just a matter of seeing what a person can become, rather than just looking at what they are.

A good example of this is seen in a man named Chris Aslesen. At one time, he was a self-proclaimed ‘chubby nerd’ but he decided to make a change. It took him four years but he altered his appearance, getting some washboard abs, a chiseled jaw, and huge biceps. It took a lot of determination but it paid off.

Chris is a security guard that lives in Tønsberg in Norway. He went to extremes in order to achieve his new physique but now he is an inspiration who puts his workout photos on Instagram using the hashtag #Viking. He has also given up some old friends who are happier playing games than working on their personal fitness. His junk food diet was replaced with one focusing on leafy green vegetables and grilled meat.

He recently gave an interview where he talked about his weight loss. He said: “Being Norwegian means the Vikings are my ancestors. I go for hikes at least twice a week and am at the gym six times a week. I do gymnastics too. I look to the Vikings for inspiration … I always want to look better,” he said. “I’m happy with my body now, but I won’t gain weight. Meanwhile, I want more tattoos and an even bigger beard.”

He took a long, hard look at himself and acknowledged the fact that a change was necessary. He said: “I was looking in the mirror one day when I was naked and thought, ‘I’m fat.’ I wobbled, I had flab. It was horrible. But then, my diet was horrible. I’d have takeaways three times a week.”

He added: “I’d eat hamburgers and fried chicken. I loved cake and pizza. I would drink liters and liters of Coca-Cola and eat sweets. When I found people working out, I did just what they did. Press up, bench press-ups… everything. I read loads of books – about 15 – on the art of bodybuilding, too.”

Chris has a baby son, Storm and he decided to work him into his exercise routines. He lifts him like a weight at the gym. He also hangs out with the crowd of bodybuilders.

More than likely, his child will be raised to be healthy and strong, just like Chris. Considering the fact that his name is Storm, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is seen lifting weights by the time he hits kindergarten.

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