Neglected Dog Was So Scared Of Men She Wouldn’t Leave Her House, Then She Met Her New Dad

Poor Bella was born into some of the worst conditions that a dog can experience. Her first caretaker was a New Zealand breeder who treated her very poorly. While she was able to escape this situation eventually and move on, she was not able to get along with the other family dog at her new home. Husky Rescue NZ was the next stop. She was scared of everyone she met when she first arrived.

It was easy to see that she had been mistreated in the past. The workers at the rescue knew that it was going to take some time before she would be willing to trust again. Fortunately, a special man by the name of Simon came into her life. Simon would stop by the shelter after work to spend time with all of the more active breeds. He developed a strong kinship with Noct, a dog who came from the same breeder as Bella.

He hoped this connection could be duplicated with Bella. Once Simon took Bella out for a few runs, her whole demeanor began to shift. This is the same change that Simon had noticed in Noct. After a few days of running, Bella started to become more excited when she would see Simon. Her days of running away and hiding from him were now over.

Noct and Bella also started to become close pals. The daily runs served as a great way for the pups to bond. Kudos to Simon for being willing to put in all this time and effort. The rescue workers even found themselves amazed by what was taking place. Noct and Bella’s bond with Simon had exceeded the wildest expectations of every single party involved.

Simon knew that he had to take these dogs home with him but he also knew that they could not be separated for any reason. He officially adopted the two dogs and believes that this is one of the best decisions that he has ever made in his life. He would not trade the bond that he shared with Noct and Bella for anything in the world. We cannot say that we blame him there!

These are two special dogs and we are beyond happy to see them find a forever home with an owner who is committed to their care. It has been a year and a half since he took them home for the first time. Their bond remains as strong as ever, though. He was not planning on getting any pets but as Simon admits…..sometimes, the best pets just so happen to find you!

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