Mom Terrified After Waking Up At 4am To Find Stranger Talking To Her Child

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and discovering that you are not in your home alone. You were there with your two-year-old son but when your eyes opened at 4 AM, it was only to discover that somebody was there talking to your child.

This actually happened in Hyde, Greater Manchester, England and as you can expect, the mother called the authorities when she found an intruder inside of her home. The intruder was sitting on the stairs and her toddler was with her.

The arrest occurred and the woman is being charged with suspicion of attempted abduction and still remains in custody.

On Boxing Day, the unidentified mother shared her horrifying ordeal on social media. She wanted to take the opportunity to give other parents a reminder to keep their house locked over Christmas vacation.

She made the post on Facebook and it has since been deleted. In that post, she claims that her ‘little love’ would be gone if she had not woken up for no apparent reason.

“4am this morning I woke up to a woman on my stairs with my 2-year-old son trying to kidnap him while me and [****] slept in the next room,” she wrote. “This is Hyde area. Share to let people know. I’m lucky I woke up or I wouldn’t have my little love. Please everyone be careful Christmas night, make sure all doors and windows are locked (sic).”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said that it was true and that the investigation was continuing.

“Just after 4am this morning, police attended an address in Hyde as a result of a report of an adult woman being found in the house, with one of the young children who lives in the house,” he said. “Police were called and arrived shortly after. An adult woman has been arrested and inquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances.”

This is not the only potential case of child abduction that occurred in the UK during this Christmas season. Another happened earlier in December in Edham, Surrey when a man was arrested for attempting to kidnap a six-year-old schoolgirl while she was visiting a Christmas fare.

According to the police reports, the 47-year-old tried to grab the young girl on Egham High Street. Apparently, he was trying to lure her away with promises of sweets and toys.

Surrey Police was quick to release a statement in an effort to reassure parents in the area. The child was not harmed physically and the attempted abduction was a very rare occurrence.

According to a spokesman: “We would like to reassure parents that, while the man is unknown to the child, the child did not leave the immediate vicinity of their parent, and, although understandably scared, the child was not physically harmed during the incident.

“Officers were on the scene within minutes of it being reported and promptly arrested the man. Incidents of this type are very rare and we would ask for the public to allow us to carry out our work and investigate fully, rather than jumping to conclusions.”

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