Mom breaks hospital record by giving birth to gigantic baby

Every child has probably heard some variation of the performative complaint about how difficult the labor process was. Mothers love to lay that guilt trip on us and it is usually meant as a form of playful ribbing. The mother in this story just might have a valid point, though. There are certain topics that are more fun than childbirth but this is one worth noting.

The Arlington Memorial Hospital bore witness to history earlier this month. When Jennifer Medlock needles her son about how challenging the birthing process was, she won’t be kidding in the slightest. Her baby boy tips the scales at fourteen pounds and thirteen ounces. You read that right. According to Texas Health Service spokespeople, this child is currently believed to be the largest ever born at this location.

The boy’s parents have named him Ali. A C-section was required. Unfortunately, his larger size left him without the necessary amount of blood sugar platelets. He had to spend some time at the neonatal intensive care unit but he had a speedy recovery. The little big man was back home with his family by the time Christmas came.

Jennifer’s daughter Annabelle is two years old and weighed nearly ten pounds at birth, so she was already expecting Ali to be a larger child. No one in their right minds would have expected fourteen pounds, though. Her husband says that they have a family full of giants and perhaps that is to blame for these outsize infants. Jennifer herself is only 5’3″!

Believe it or not, Ali is nowhere near the largest childbirth on record. The Guinness record stands at a whopping 22 pounds. We are happy to see that Ali is home resting comfortably with his mom and dad. There were no complications but we are sure that his mother is never going to be willing to let him hear the end of it at family get-togethers.

Let’s just say that we won’t be surprised if some of his classmates end up calling him Rubeus. Harry Potter fans are all nodding their head in appreciation of that reference, we’re sure. As for this mother, we imagine that she is probably searching for a magic wand to make the next childbirth a much simpler one. It sure would be nice to find that special doctor that snap their fingers and produce a baby!

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