Michigan Couple Says Ghost Caught On Nanny Cam Left Scratches On Infant Daughter

There is a family living in Hartford, Michigan and they are planning to move. In fact, they are planning on moving quickly but the reasoning may be different than what you expect.

Josh and Heather live in a guesthouse with their 15-month-old daughter. The guest house is owned by his mother and they were watching footage of a nanny cam that they set up in their daughter’s nursery. What they saw terrified them. Lilly was sleeping in the crib in the dark when something moved and walked in front of her. They couldn’t see what it was clearly but it seemed as if Lily was standing and following what was going on with her eyes.

Josh got chills when he watched the footage.

Heather said: “It’s almost like she sees something we don’t.”

The couple feels that a ghost has been visiting there home and they are even making the claim that it scratched their daughter. They feel that it is ‘going after her and they don’t want to stick around to find out what happens.

As it turns out, the baby is only one member of the family who has met the unknown. Heather also feels that she has experienced something.

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