Meghan Markle Bakes Banana Bread For Family Using A Secret Ingredient

Most of us know Megan Markle because of her marriage to Prince Harry but years before that marriage, she had a blog, known as ‘The Tig’. That blog is no longer active.

Markle used the blog to share a lot of things that made her happy, such as fashion, beauty, travel, philanthropy, and food.

Like many people, the Duchess of Sussex enjoys eating food that is delicious but she also enjoys creating it. Using her blog, she also shared recipes over the years.

After Megan was married to Prince Harry in May, she had to discontinue the blog for privacy reasons. She still has the same passion for food, however, that she always did. One of her solo projects is a charity cookbook that has 50 recipes. Those recipes were created in conjunction with women who survived the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Megan was visiting Dubbo, Australia this week and she used her cooking skills when visiting Mountain View Farm. She baked a treat in the kitchen at Admiralty House, the Sydney home of the Governor-General of Australia before she went to visit the farm.

“She loves baking and just decided to take something along with her on the spur of the moment,” an aide told reporters.

She had a very full schedule with 76 engagements in 16 days plus the fact that she was jetlagged. Even so, she decided to make some banana bread and to add an interesting twist to it.

Her banana bread was included along with many other baked goods by the Country Women’s Association. Those are some of the best bakers in that area of the world and people loved her banana bread!

She also brought some Fortnum and Mason Royal Blend tea to give as a gift.

So what does she include in her banana bread?

The official recipe has not been shared publicly but some people who were fortunate enough to eat a slice said that there were plenty of chocolate chips included. There were also slices of ginger found in the loaf.

“It was such a nice and thoughtful thing for her to do,” said Benita Woodley, whose parents Scott and Elaine run the farm. “We are really touched.”

The guests couldn’t say enough good about her baking skills. People on social media were also saying a lot of positive things about her taking the time to do something that a royal doesn’t do typically.

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