Megan Fox looks like a completely different person in her upcoming role

Megan Fox made her first impression on most of us when she sauntered onto the screen during the initial installment of the still formidable Transformers franchise. Men everywhere found themselves envying Shia LaBeouf and women hoped to emulate her long, brown tresses. Her hair might be the most essential aspect of her appeal, or at least the most distinctive.

Now, Fox has decided to play against type. While she would probably not seem like the obvious first choice to play Marguerite Higgins (a well known United States war correspondent), she is willing to do anything for the part. Even if that means rocking her very own blonde bob wig! The transformation (see what we did there?) is definitely turning a lot of heads.

Jangsa-ri 9.15 will allow the brunette to showcase a new side of herself and we cannot wait to see the finished product. Higgins is a crucial historical figure and Fox has some big shoes to fill. The New York Herald Tribune correspondent reported on the Vietnam War, Korean War and World War II. This may not seem like a major achievement to some.

However, this was a different time and generals pushed back against the mere idea of allowing women into the war zone. Her efforts broke barriers and allowed female war correspondents to be taken seriously for the first time. She was awarded with the Pulitzer Prize for Foreign Correspondence for all of the hard work that she put in.

The award was bestowed upon her after the release of her book, War In Korea: The Report Of A Woman Combat Correspondent. The film will focus on the Jangsa landing operation. This operation was a pivotal turning point of the Battle of Incheon. Seoul was eventually recaptured by South Korean forces, with assistance from the United Nations, as a direct result of this battle.

As for Megan, she has more experience than you may think when it comes to playing journalists. Let’s not forget her iconic turn as Channel 6’s April O’Neil in the recent reboot of the venerable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Taewon Entertainment is the production house that is responsible for the film and Fox will be sharing the screen with Kim Myung-min.

Rap star turned actor Choi Min-ho is also slated to appear in the film and South Korean audiences may know him best from his stint in K-pop band Shinee. Fox has been putting in the proper preparation for her role and is said to have studied Higgins, down to her mannerisms. The film serves as Taekwon’s followup to 2016’s Operation Chromite.

Chromite starred Liam Neeson in the role of General Douglas MacArthur and while he did not display a special set of skills, it is still well worth a watch! We cannot wait to check out Megan in this fresh and exciting role. She is clearly relishing the opportunity to sink her teeth into something a little bit outside of her wheelhouse and we are 1000% here for it!

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