Meet The Girl Who Looks So Much Like Beyonce That Paparazzi Chase Her Down On The Street

When we turn on the television set or head to the movie theater, we are inundated by the world’s most beautiful people. We tend to find it difficult to avoid having our breath taken away by many of these celebrities and for good reason. Just imagine what it would be like to be mistaken for one of these celebrities. It would probably serve as a massive ego boost, wouldn’t it?

Take the woman in this story for instance. Brittany hails from Detroit and she is a dead ringer for the one and only Beyonce. Those who consider themselves to be major fans of the R&B superstar and consider her to be “irreplaceable” may want to read on and learn more about this amazing young lady. According to Brittany, it is difficult for her to even walk down the street without getting mistaken for the worldwide superstar.

She gets approached on a constant basis, whether she is attending an event or she is at the airport. People even take pictures of her without asking for consent first. The attention that she receives has begun to drift into slightly insane territory. We all know how crazy the “Beyhive” can be and as you might have imagined, Brittany has experienced this firsthand.

A group of overly obsessed Beyonce fans decided to chase her down the street in desperate pursuit of a selfie. While this may seem hilarious to some, Brittany is definitely not laughing in the slightest. According to Brittany, one group of women started beating on the windows of her car with their high heeled shoes. They would not stop until they got a picture of the terrified young woman.

Brittany does not attempt to resemble Beyonce in any way and this is all just one crazy coincidence. We just wish that Beyonce fans would have more sense than to accost strangers like this. Brittany didn’t enjoy the comparisons at first and has now come to embrace them. After all, it is a compliment to be compared to someone who is this beautiful and talented.

This natural resemblance might come with more than a few drawbacks, but Brittany is making it work for me.

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