Man Pays To Have Wife Killed – She Crashes Her Own Funeral To Get The Ultimate Revenge

Noela Rukundo was a person who thought everything was fine in life until her husband paid to have her killed. Fortunately, she was able to escape death and she was able to get the ultimate revenge on her husband. She decided to show up at her own funeral and reveal the hidden plot.

Rukundo is a mother of eight from Africa. In 2004, she was a refugee and landed in Australia. While she was there, she met another refugee, Balenga Kalala. They eventually got married and Rukundo went back to Burundi in 2015 because her stepmother had died. That is when things turned sour.

Her husband called her while she was in the hotel room. He told her to get out and get some fresh air but when she did, a man came at her suddenly.

The man was threatening her with a gun, telling her not to scream. He then took her to a remote location.

Although Rukundo was frightened, it seemed that she was not the only one with questions. The men who were holding her were trying to figure out why she deserved this fate. “What did you do to this man?” Rukundo remembers them asking over and over. “Why would he want us to kill you?”

Rukundo said she didn’t know but it was then that she found out that her husband put the hit on her. The men called the person who paid them and she recognized his voice.

The kidnappers couldn’t go through with the job, although they told her husband that they had killed her. She even was listening when they told her husband where they were dumping the body.

Meanwhile, her funeral was being held in Australia.

Lalala thought he had dogged the issue, until Rukundo showed up at the funeral service.

At first, Kalala didn’t believe she was real. He even touched her to make sure she wasn’t a ghost. When he realized what was really happening, he apologized but Rukundo wasn’t having any of it.

She waited until after the funeral but then she called the cops to have him arrested. He denied the plot but the kidnappers had already turned the information over to the police. They had the recording and all the information needed for him to get arrested and charged. Eventually, he was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

So, what can we learn about Rukundo? She decided to put her best food forward.

She said:

“I will stand up like a strong woman.”

Source: Washington Post

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