Madeleine McCann Cop Explains Theory That Her Body Was Stored In A Freezer For 25 Days

Netflix recently ran a Madeleine McCann documentary. It gained a lot of attention and people enjoyed watching it but something else has also come out of it as well. It includes some people exploring possible scenarios, such as a police officer who is looking into a suggestion that the girl was killed and her body was stored in the freezer for 25 days.

This is not a new claim. In fact, the Internet has been tossing around the possibility for years, particularly inside conspiracy theory groups. Even though it is based on some evidence that is on the fringes, including the use of sniffer dogs, it seems to be well worth pursuing.

The documentary, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann show trained canines that are supposedly sniffing out cadavers and blood that may have been found in the boot of the rental car. That rental car was booked 25 days after Gerry and Kate McCann’s daughter was reported missing.

A similar response was given at the apartment where the young girl was sleeping when she disappeared. The owners and trainers of the dogs admit, however, that they are only typically used to find leads for detectives and to run down forensics. What the dogs do should not be used as physical evidence in this or any other investigation.

DNA was also found in the back of the car. It was confirmed by detectives and by the documentary that it can’t be used as evidence. The match is only at 80% to the young girls DNA.

The McCanns claim that Mattie and her twin sibling were sleeping in the hotel room the night that they disappeared. The parents were with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant to eat. The parents said they went to check on the children ‘every 20 minutes to half an hour’ but the girl was gone when Kate went to check around 10 PM.

Portuguese cop Gonçalo Amaral has implicated the parents as suspects for the majority of the investigation.

Yellow ribbons tied to a sign outside a shop in Rothley Village. The yellow ribbons are part of the campaign to find missing Madeleine McCann.

Any DNA evidence and the evidence of the sniffer dog has been discredited by most people. Amaral said the following in the Netflix documentary:

“Talking about the DNA traces found in the car, let me tell you this. It’s important to recognize it as an indication of the possibility that something was transported there.

“The body may have been hidden in some sort of freezer somewhere and been transported later in the boot of the car and bodily fluids may have dropped from the corpse.

“The freezer hypothesis originates from the circumstances. The car was rented many days after the disappearance and the possible death of the child.

“As to what happened to the body before that, whether it was decomposed, if it was buried, frozen, probably the most correct conclusion is that it was kept in a place where it could be preserved in the cold.”

6 months after Madeleine disappeared, Amaral was removed from the case.

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