Macaulay Culkin Recreated Classic ‘Home Alone’ Scenes If He Was An Adult And It’s Comedic Gold

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s time to watch everyone’s favorite classic holiday film ‘Home Alone’ starring Macaulay Culkin.

Do you ever wonder what Kevin McAllister would do today if he was left home alone knowing we have so much more technology he could utilize?

Well, Google decided to bring Kevin in a new ad for its home assistant. The ad features Culkin, now 38, recreating many of his iconic scenes from “Home Alone,” but with a modern twist.

In addition to the obligatory technological advances the Google Assistant provides, including the ability to pay for pizza online and adjust the temperature without dealing with the creepy furnace, there are a few other notable updates.

A cardboard cutout of Kevin Durant replaces the one of Michael Jordan that Kevin attaches to his model train set, a dummy attached to a Roomba replaces the dummy attached to a record player, and adult Kevin’s back doesn’t hold up as well after as 9-year-old Kevin’s back.

As you would expect of a commercial that combines the holidays with nostalgia, the ad has gone viral. The video has more than 6 million views already on YouTube, and that’s not even counting social media views.

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