Luke Bryan Adopts 18-Year-Old Senior Dog After Seeing Adorable Photo Online

Senior dogs do not always receive the same adoption opportunities as their younger counterparts. The average family is simply looking for the best puppy to take home and is not typically concerned with the needs of a senior pup. However, Luke Bryan and his wife are bucking this trend. When he recently saw photos of a senior dog online, he knew he had to bring the old fellow home.

Poochie might be 18 and have a grey coat but he is still a vibrant animal. He’s very happy at his new residence and appreciates the family that he has been provided with. The Proverbs 12:10 Animal Shelter is responsible for the meeting between Poochie and Luke. Bryan saw a Facebook post about the dog and he was immediately smitten.

I don’t know of a soul who doesn’t love a happy ending. Well, get ready for your Monday smile because this is as good as…

Posted by Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue on Monday, February 11, 2019

He knew that he had to help the old dog right away. Most people would have kept right on scrolling but Luke Bryan is not most people. He and his wife applied to take the dog home and were approved right away. Poochie now gets to live out the rest of his life on a big farm, just like every dog dreams of. He also gets to spend time with Lacy Marie, the Bryans’ other foster dog.

We just hope that Poochie is able to inspire a good song or two along the way…not that Bryan needs any help! Poochie loves to go on hunts with his dad and Luke also bought him a big, cozy bed to lounge around in. He’s even becoming something of an Instagram star. Luke’s posts about Poochie are already quite popular with all of his fans.

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Hunted out

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It’s clear to see that Poochie and this family have hit it off. Senior dogs tend to be ignored in favor of younger dogs but this is not a mistake that Luke and his family were willing to make. His wife Caroline has also developed a close bond with the dog already. Poochie’s family did not want to put him up for adoption at this advanced stage of his life.

Unfortunately, an allergic reaction forced their hand. We are beyond happy for Poochie and we hope that the Bryan family continues to enjoy his presence. Let’s all do our part to raise awareness about the issues that senior dogs experience when it comes to adoption. It is high time that senior dogs received the same sort of opportunities as all of the equally adorable puppies do.

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