Kourtney Kardashian Is Being Mom-Shamed On Instagram For Her Son’s Haircut

Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to the spotlight. She is the daughter of a famous lawyer and is known as an Internet socialite.

As a result of her life being very public, she is accustomed to the scrutiny and lack of privacy associated with a celebrity status. Perhaps that is why her children have rarely ever been on the family’s reality show and she doesn’t often show them on social media.

From time to time, however, Kourtney feels that it is a good idea to show off her three children for the world to see.

As a mother, she is sometimes proud to post pictures that she takes of herself along with her children, Mason, 8, Penelope, 6, and three-year-old Reign Disick. The problem is, the Internet is full of people who are quick to judge.

It happened this week when the oldest of the Kardashian siblings came face-to-face with plenty of Mom Shaming. She posted a picture of herself and her youngest son on Instagram and that is when it started.

The photo was captioned “Christmas Shopping” and it showed Kourtney relaxing on a chaise lounge on the deck with a MacBook. Her son, Reign is standing beside her, looking as if he had just enjoyed a swim.

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Christmas shopping

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The comments started in a negative way, pointing out that her son looked cold and that she was a narcissist mother.

“U Christmas shopping while ur kid is freezing from the poool wowwwww talk about narcissistic,” wrote one user. “I love how at this point kourtney is just posting photos of her neglecting her kids,” chimed in another.

Some of those trolls were quick to point out that Kourtney seems to be ignoring her son but others couldn’t resist telling her that her son’s hair was too long and he needed a haircut.

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he protects her

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Some people were asking her to just “please cut his hair” and others were saying that he might be accused of being a girl because his hair is so long.

“Please cut that boys hair. U do on mason I don’t get it. Sorry u didn’t have another girl but let him be a 👦” they commented. Another added, “Cut his hair. So rediculous [sic],” wrote one troll. “And don’t state that he wants it that long. Dear god, he is a child, he does not know any better. You did the same with Mason. What is your point?”

Not everybody was so quick to post a negative comment. There were some that came to her defense and said there was nothing wrong with the way her child looked.

“Comments regarding innocent children are so unnecessary,” wrote one user. “He’s a little boy for goodness sake…long hair, short hair, no hair…does it really matter?”

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Jared Leto is just one of the many male celebrities who also have long hair and people are not confusing them for being a woman. Fans were quick to come to her defense for that very reason.

“All these people out here tryna say they confuse Reign for a girl simply cos he has long hair,” the user wrote. “Oh yeah, I mistake Harry Styles and Jared Leto for women all the time smdh get a life! He looks fabulous, the same as the rest of the family.”

Kourtney is used to the public scrutiny and the mom shaming. She is probably happy with her choices and more than likely, won’t be responding to the criticism.

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