Kim Kardashian Gets Mom-Shamed Over Her Son’s “Pacifier”

People around the world are ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ but are they following them just a little too close? I’ll be the first one to admit that users on social media can get hooked easily because they follow every aspect of the TV star’s life. On top of that, she doesn’t seem to mind the attention.

If you put yourself out there on social media, you are going to attract that attention, both good and bad. Kardashian doesn’t seem to mind but sometimes, she needs to face up to the haters. That was the case when people began shaming her because her four-year-old daughter was being asked to take inappropriate pictures of her mom. She didn’t see the big deal with it.

She also managed to get beyond the comments that slammed her for straightening her daughter’s naturally curly hair and putting makeup on her.

A post on Instagram that recently showed up may have hit a soft spot, and the mom edited the caption quickly.

The mom shamers were out in full force on that day when Kim posted pictures of a walk she was taking with her daughter, Chicago, and son, Saint.

It turns out that her two-year-old son was sucking on a pacifier and people couldn’t get beyond it!

“What’s Saint doing with a pacifier?” a top commenter questioned.

“Children shouldn’t be using a pacifier past age 1, it’s recommended that they don’t use one even after 6 months.”

Some people were also quick to point out that Kardashian allowed Baby Chi to be out without socks on.

“Baby Chi should be wearing at least socks since it looks kinda chilly.”

When things began to settle down, Kardashian pointed out that her son was not sucking on a pacifier but said it was a piece of candy. She even changed the caption from “Missing my babies!!!” to “Missing my babies!!!!! P.S. mom shammers (sic) it’s not a pacifier, he’s eating candy!”

After the update was included, the comments didn’t improve much.

“Actually the pacifier would be better than the candy.”

Some people did come to the defense of Kardashian, saying that it is not necessary for her to justify anything.

“Omg I can’t believe all the opinionated perfect mothers. If it’s a (pacifier), so what, if it’s candy so what! Your kid, do you! They all grow up and become great people! My babies had a (pacifier) until they put it down and ate candy occasionally and both are great young adults! Get over your perfect parenting falsehoods.”

“And if it was a pacifier? Nothing wrong with that!! Mine gave up on his own at 4.”

This isn’t the first time she has faced public criticism for the way she raises her son.

Posted by Kim Kardashian West on Saturday, June 24, 2017

The 37-year-old reality TV star was criticized when she strapped her 18-month-old son into a front facing car seat. In the state of California, it is necessary to use a rear-facing car seat for any children under the age of two.

“With all the paparazzi following you all the time you’re at a bigger risk getting into an accident. Don’t risk INTERNAL DECAPITATION or any other injuries if they could be prevented!”

What people didn’t stop to think about is that Saint met the weight and height requirements to legally sit in that position. Kim had to post another video to clarify it.

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