Keanu Reeves Has Been Secretly Funding Children’s Hospitals Without Asking For Attention

As the old saying goes, every hero does not wear a cape. However, there are also some heroes who do not need to wear a cape….because they are willing to do all of the good deeds in private. There is something to be said for those who do not need recognition. While most know Keanu Reeves because of his movie roles, there are others who know him for different reasons.

When he is not shooting his latest blockbuster, he is quietly looking for ways to spread the wealth. He is one of the most generous stars in the industry and he does not like to rub anyone’s nose in it. The stories that have circulated are not told by Keanu himself, they are told by those who have worked with him and wish to spread the word about his kindness.

For example, a story was recently shared by one of the crew members who worked with him on Chain Reaction. He said that Keanu spent the last few weeks of the shoot making sure that all of the “grunt workers” were well fed. Each of these workers received a free breakfast and lunch each day, courtesy of Keanu! What a guy, right?

We wish that we could work with someone who is this nice. His work goes beyond treating a few crew members to a decent meal, though. Keanu does not like to attach his name to this endeavor but he regularly funds cancer research and hospitals for children. The foundation is private and he prides himself on allowing the foundation to work without seeking any added publicity.

In a world where celebrities can never seem to resist the chance for a photo op, it is great to see someone actively shunning praise like this. After all, we are of the belief that a good deed happens to lose a bit of its potency if your first instinct is to run and tell the world about it. We would like to see him get more credit, to be honest.

That is not the way that Keanu wants it, though. He is a good, honest man. The stereotypes about rich Hollywood elites not caring about the needs of the commoners simply do not apply to Keanu. Guys like him are the true heroes, not the types who want all of the credit for any good deed that they do.

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